Every House has a story to tell

We encourage you to be present during the inspection and ask questions. After all, it's your home, and P413 Home Inspections is working for you!

  • Is everything operational at the time of the inspection?
  • Is the home safe?
  • Are the components installed in a professional manner?
  • Is everything working for its intended purpose?
  • Are there deficiencies or signs of potential failure?

In order to ensure a comprehensive inspection, a unique checklist has been created by P413 Home Inspection

The Inspection Report

The inspection report will be emailed to you the next business day. The report is narrative in nature so that you can read, in plain English, the results of the home inspection report. Our inspectors will review with you any recommended improvements to the home. Digital photos are taken of any problems or safety issues with a full explanation and suggestions for repairs. Be assured that our inspections conform to and exceed InterNACHI Standards of Practice.